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Welcome to Morning Song Books, website of author Carol Hampson

Morning Song Books is dedicated to the exploration of a meaningful, joyful life through faith and love, especially in the face of profound change or loss.  It is the intent of the author to publish future writings, in the hopes of connecting with others who pursue a similar path.

Carol’s first memoir, Freedom to Fall, is dedicated to the memory of her son, Christopher.

When Carol received news in the night that her son had died in a rock climbing accident, she wondered how she could survive. But then there came these words: Only good can come from love. During the next two years she wrote a book as a response to grieving.  The writing guided her through hard times, bearing testimony to the power of faith in the midst of devastating loss.

Freedom to fall is an interweaving of Carol’s world and Chris’s world, as she explores his life as a climber and her struggle to let him go. They are each in their own way voyagers following the unknown, learning to live with uncertainty, to honor reality, and to step with courage and trust.

There is a refrain running through the narrative–words that come unbidden, often in dark moments:  Mom, I am with you always. That sense of the enduring bond between mother and son is what allows Carol to follow a path towards healing.

In a conversation, recounted in the book, with Chris’s primary climbing partner, Greg Van Dam, Carol asks what he believes climbing gave to Chris. He said that for Chris, climbing was the ultimate expression of being alive. He recalled a quote from a climbing poster that Chris kept on his wall:  We take these risks not to escape life but to prevent life from escaping us.  

As the book ends, Carol asks for words of wisdom that will allow her to make peace with Chris’s passing. The question sparks a reply, bringing to light the meaning of the title, Freedom to Fall. She hears Chris telling her what she needs to know–finding the courage to let him go.

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